[Videos] Advance Android Hacking Course – Latest 2022

Android has the most structured foundation of any mobile platform and is growing rapidly—every day. Furthermore, Android is emerging as the most extensive operating system in this regard for a variety of reasons.

Advance Android Hacking Course 2022

Advance Android Hacking course covers the Top 10 Security Issues, all types of vulnerabilities, reports on various vulnerabilities, installing terminal, application security, unzip, lots of software in Kali Linux OS, and various practicals such as Android application tear down application signing, and Android startup process.



  • Introduction
  • Introduction to Termux
  • Installing Termux Application on Android Phone
  • Hacker Keyboard Installation Top Commands Miscellaneous
  • Sending SMS Make Calls
  • Creating Storage Programming C Programming
  • C+ Programming
  • Python Programming
  • Metasploit Installation
  • Metasploit Framework Android Phone Hacking
  • Accessing the Files and Contacts of Android Phone Hacking Windows
  • Http enum_wayback auxiliary scanner
  • Endpoint mapper Scanner
  • DCERPC Auxiliary
  • Modules Autopwn – auxiliary scanner
  • Email harvesting Using Metasploit
  • SSH version Scanner
  • FTP Version Scanning
  • Heartbleed Vulnerability (opens scanner)
  • Nmap
  • Checking the status of target Mach
  • Miscellaneous Hacking
  • DDOS Attack
  • SQL mapping Finding Location

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