Cypher RAT V5 Full Version (Android RAT 2022) Lifetime – FREE Download

The most advanced and reliable android remote administration tool in 2022 is Cypher Rat v5. This finest android administration application allows you to secretly access thousands of android devices.

Cypher RAT V5

In 2022, this android rat software is state-of-the-art. Every one of the newest versions of Android may be accessed by this android rat.

What is Cypher RAT V5?

Cypher RAT V5 is an Android remote administration tool that can generate a payload (apk file) and after installing the apk file, you can access the android device. You can also able to see the call logs, contact, camera, and location as well as the android screen.

This Android rat can access, control, and monitor a limitless number of other Android devices. This rat programme is incredible since it has so many cutting-edge tools and functions. There is no other android rat that comes close to matching its cutting-edge and extraordinary characteristics. My personal favourite android rat is this one right here.

It works with any Android smartphone running Android 4.0 or above, including the newest Android 12. This android remote access programme allows for easy access to even the most cutting-edge Android devices.

Why Use Cypher RAT V5?

This tool is an android security tool, which can secure your android device. Cypher RAT V5 is Specially made for parents to follow their children’s activities.

Cypher RAT V5 latest version 2022 is a powerful programme, that was created by an expert. It’s only for education purposes. If you use this programme for your benefit, It’s your responsibility. Don’t use Cypher RAT V5 for your recession.

About Cypher RAT V5

An android rat with the capacity to remain in the system of your victim for an extended period. This android rat has an integrated cypher rat crypter, allowing you to encrypt your android payload and evade detection by any antivirus software.


It’s impossible to detect, and impossible to uninstall, this android rat programme. Once your victims have installed its payload, they will be unable to remove it from their phones.

Cypher rat v5 has a BTC stealer function that may be used to steal Bitcoins covertly from a victim’s mobile device. It’s a completely safe and sound android rat. This android remote access tool gives you full control over your target’s smartphone, including a live feed of their screen.

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Features of Cypher RAT V5

Cypher RAT V5 has unlimited features to access the latest android device.No other high-end android rat software has ever included such a cutting-edge function.

You can secretly capture pictures using the front and rear cameras, as well as show and control the victim’s live screen, take over their keyboard, and take screenshots.

Through this android spy software, you’ll be able to view the victim’s contacts, text messages, and call logs as well as any applications they have loaded. A Facebook account thief can use this tool to access their victim’s Gmail account. Theft of Google Authenticator.

The cypher android rat software has a lot of features, some of which are listed below:

  • Show Apps List
  • Play Sound
  • Change Wallpaper
  • Contacts Manager
  • Run Automatically On Mobile Startup
  • Open Back Camera
  • Crypto Stealer
  • Take Mobile Screenshot
  • View Live Location
  • Never Lose Victim’s
  • Sms Manager
  • Delete Any File
  • Inject Payload Apk Inside The Real App
  • Facebook Stealer
  • Get Accessibility Automatically
  • Zip/Unzip Any File
  • 2fa Google Authenticator Code Stealer
  • Clipboard
  • Anti-Delete
  • Real-Time Monitor
  • Bypass Google Play Protect
  • Accounts Manager
  • Open Front Camera
  • Bypass Chinese Phones Protection
  • Bypass Bank App Screen
  • Social Media Hunter
  • Keylogger
  • Open Any Web Url
  • Accounts Stealer
  • Anti-Kill
  • Get Phone Info
  • Fully Undetectable
  • Encrypt/Decrypt Any File
  • Download/Upload Any File
  • Gmail Stealer
  • File Manager
  • Screen Record
  • Mac Address
  • Bypass Battery Optimization
  • Control Screen ( Vnc )
  • Microphone Capture
  • Hide/Unhide Any File

Cypher Rat allows an attacker to gain access to the mobile device of any victim and see any specified URL. Once you have compromised a device, you may use the microphone to listen in on the victim without bringing attention to yourself.

This Android remote administration tool has a keylogger that can record keystrokes both online and offline. You must enable port forwarding and disable Windows Defender and Windows Firewall. Open its function Object() { [native code] } and enter your information to construct your payload.

Cypher Rat 5 Has more features than you think ever. You can use the rat as your responsibility. Many users are unfamiliar with Cypher RAT Software. This android rat is just as simple to set up and operate as other android rats.

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Cypher RAT V5 File Details

  • Software Full Name: Cypher RAT v5 Full Version 2022
  • Setup File Name: Cypher_rat_v5.rar
  • Setup Size: 137 MB
  • Compatibility : 32 Bit (x86) / 64 Bit (x64)
  • Developers: Cypher Team

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10/11
  • RAM: 2GB
  • Hard Disk: 200 MB
  • Processor: Intel Dual Core or higher processor

Download Cypher RAT V5

Simply click the link to get the complete version of Cybher RAT 5. Both 32bit and 64bit Operating systems are supported. This is completely portable and does not require installation.


Download File

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