Can I Use QuillBot Premium for Free in 2022?|QuillBot Premium – Features, Uses, Subscription

You’re looking for the ideal method to fix your illogical and poorly organized writing so that it produces (QuillBot Premium) flawless and polished work. If someone needs a reliable paraphraser, grammar checker, or plagiarism detector, QuillBot Premium offers an effective option that combines premium functionality with an affordable price.

What Is QuillBot Premium?

QuillBot is a multi-featured AI writing tool that enables users to combine multiple editing features to create clear and concise words.


QuillBot’s paraphrasing tool, founded in 2017 and trusted by over 50 million users globally, employs cutting-edge AI to aid millions of people in rewriting and enhancing any sentence, paragraph, or article.

QuillBot Premium Features

QuillBot’s user interface is clean and minimalistic. Most of what you need is easily accessible, so you won’t have to spend time seeking it.


The capacity to paraphrase is the most enticing feature of QuillBot for most users. It does exactly what its name suggests: it rewrites phrases.

It enables you to rearrange, reorder, and fully change phrases without damaging the original text’s meaning.

There are 7 different paraphrasing QuillBot modes to choose from:

  1. Standard: The majority of people utilize this setting. It modifies the language while maintaining the original meaning to seem as natural as possible.
  2. Fluency: This option ensures that the content sounds authentic and is free of grammatical errors. The meaning is unchanged even though this setting makes the fewest modifications. Low is the setting for synonyms.
  3. Formal: In this mode, the text is altered to improve its appearance and tone. It’s a suitable option for writing in academic or professional contexts.
  4. Simple: In this mode, QuillBot makes your content simpler to read and comprehend.
  5. Creative: The text is drastically altered in the creative mode, appearing and sounding radically different. The meaning might change in this manner.
  6. Expand: By including more words, this method increases the text’s length. When a larger total word count is necessary, this is good.
  7. Shorten: The text is compressed as much as feasible while still retaining its original meaning in this mode. This helps to cut down on the overall quantity of words.

The free plan is limited to the first two. You must purchase the premium version to have access to all the others.

The Synonyms bar in each mode lets QuillBot know how much you wish to alter the text. From “few changes” to “more changes,” it changes. Or to put it another way, from “more accurate” to “less accurate.”

You may set a limit on how many changes the AI can make to the text, which is a valuable function.

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Grammar Checker

The Grammar Checker helps you to repair any errors that may have occurred throughout the proofreading process.

This tool works in the same manner as any other grammar-correction program. It fixes typographical, punctuation, and grammatical errors.

It also does not influence the results acquired using the parser. The Grammar Checker may also be used as a word editing environment, with different headers and stylistic choices.

Furthermore, there is a button that enables you to repair all of your errors at once, saving you a great amount of time.

You may save your work as an MS Word document by clicking the Download Symbol in the bottom right-hand corner.

Furthermore, you do not need a premium membership to enjoy this wonderful feature. It is completely free.

Plagiarism Checker

QuillBot also has a Plagiarism Checker, although it is only accessible to paid customers. It is capable of scanning 20 pages each month in over 100 languages.

You may, however, buy more pages to check for plagiarism.

You may paste the content into the text field or upload non-textual file formats such as HTML, TXT, CSV, PDF, DOCX, PPT, ODP, XLS, and others.

If any of your work includes material that has already been published on the web, in books, research papers, academic papers, or news sources, QuillBot’s Plagiarism Checker will assess whether or not you correctly assigned authorship to that content.

QuillBot advises users that they need not be concerned about plagiarism if they use QuillBot appropriately.


The Co-Writer feature allows for more smooth writing and research experience. It integrates online research capabilities, note-taking, and AI-assisted autocomplete to give users with a seamless research and writing experience without ever leaving the current page.

QuillBot Co-Writer is a standalone tool. It can produce sentences based on what you’ve written and submitted, enabling you to cooperate in the writing process.

Furthermore, you may utilize the Co-Writer tool to conduct an internet search for content from the comfort of your computer.

You may utilize the Paraphraser and other features in Co-Writer. However, it is designed to make the whole process more fluid and user-friendly, not to replace them.


The Summarizer can condense articles, papers, and documents into their basic contents in seconds. QuillBot’s artificial intelligence uses natural language processing to identify critical information while preserving the original context.

You have two alternatives for summarising your information.

Key Sentences: Using Key Sentences, you may construct a bullet-point list of the most important sentences in your text. You may adjust the number of bullets in your summary by using the summary length slider.

Paragraph: When you choose paragraph mode, you will obtain a unique paragraph summarising the material. You may also customize how long your results are presented using the summary length slider.

QuillBot Extensions

QuillBot includes extensions for Microsoft Word, Google Chrome, and Google Docs. This paraphrase tool is compatible with Microsoft Word and Google Docs.

How to set up QuillBot in Chrome

  • It’s as simple as installing any other Chrome extension to get QuillBot to function on Google Chrome.
  • Simply search for QuillBot in the Chrome Web Store and choose to Add to Chrome.
  • Alternately, you may click the Google Chrome icon on the QuillBot website’s Extensions tab.

How to set up QuillBot in Word in Microsoft

Make that your copy of Microsoft Word has a valid license before installing the QuillBot plugin.

  • Sign in to your Microsoft account and launch Word.
  • Click on Add-ins under the Insert tab.
  • The Office Store button should be chosen.
  • Click the Add button after searching for QuillBot.
  • Return to the Insert tab and pick QuillBot after clicking Add-ins, My Add-ins, and then Add-ins.
  • Afterward, click QuillBot over the tooltip.
  • Select Launch QuillBot under the QuillBot tab.
  • You must enter your QuillBot login information before proceeding.

Can I Use QuillBot Premium for Free?

 You may use Quillbot Premium as often as you like for free; you will never be prompted to pay. Quillbot is available everywhere around the globe; no matter where you are, you may use it for free.

QuillBot is the greatest paraphrasing tool on the market. They offer several features that greatly improve the quality of your material.

You can verify that every piece of content is excellent before releasing it to your audience, whether you’re working with a few lines of text or a few thousand words that need to be transformed into a unique new post.

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