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Wifi hacking is breaking through the security protocols of a wireless network. It has been proven that the majority of Wi-Fi networks are more susceptible than ever to security lapses and hacking. you can learn wi-fi hacking through Wi-Fi Hacking Course.

Wi-Fi Hacking Course

Regardless of your level of technological knowledge, you must be aware that a password is required for wifi security. Understanding how someone may infiltrate your wireless network and that there are measures you can take to protect yourself are crucial.

What is Wi-Fi Hacking?

Wi-fi hacking refers to the practice of breaking into a wireless network and using such access to steal data, get access to private areas of the network, or commit other forms of malicious activity. When someone breaks into a Wifi network, often they can see everything being transmitted through it.

Why do You learn?

Hackers can break into your home Wi-Fi network and do serious damage using a method called DNS (Domain Name Server) hijacking.

Someone can hijack your browser and take you to a malicious website, where they can steal sensitive information like your credit card number or Facebook password.

If you learn wi-fi hacking, you can save your personal (PC, router, mobile phone) device. So, learn wi-fi hacking to know, how hackers access your network.

About Wi-Fi Hacking Course 2022 Course

We’ll be learning everything there is to know about Wi-Fi and wireless network security in this course. Threats, vulnerabilities, and attack vectors will all be the subject of your research.

The installation of Kali Linux is included in the course’s coverage of the fundamentals, so students don’t need any prior experience with Linux.


With the knowledge you gain here, you’ll be able to crack Wi-Fi networks using programs like Aircrack-ng, Wifite, Crunch, Cowpatty, Pyrit, Reaver, etc., regardless of the security protocol in use.

Any skill level is welcome in this class. In this course, I’ll show you how to undertake complex evil twin attacks on targets using a broad variety of tools, and how to build a captive gateway that harvests login credentials in effect.

Wi-Fi Hacking Course 2022 Course Topics

  • Functioning of Wireless Networks.
  • You must modify some settings on your router.
  • VMware Player Kali Linux Setup Guide.
  • Guide to Useful Linux Commands, Complete with Examples.
  • Initiate a DoS Attack and Discover Unknown Wireless Networks.
  • Intruding Wireless Networks and How to Get Away With It (WEP, WPA, WPA2).
  • Aircrack-ng, Wifite, Crunch, Cowpatty, Pyrit, and Reaver,… are just some of the tools you may use.
  • Construct a captive portal access point.
  • Make a Scam Captive Portal to Steal Passwords.
  • Altering Look and Feel of a Captive Portal.
  • Guide to Wireless Network Packet Snooping and Injection.
  • Examine data packets with the use of filters in Wireshark.
  • Use Airgeddon to launch an “Evil Twin Attack.”
  • Using a Captive Portal to Steal Social Media Accounts.
  • The best way to utilize WiFi Pumpkin for DNS Spoofing and BeEF.
  • Theft of Passwords and Login Information from a WPA-Protected Business Network.
  • Locate and Prevent Evil-Twin Attacks on Your Computer System.

Skill Requirement for Wi-Fi Hacking Course 2022

  • Basic Computer knoledage
  • Know about Windows & Linux (CMD)

Needed Device for Course

  • Mobile
  • Laptop
  • Computer

Who this Course is for:

Anyone who wants to learn all the awesome ways to hack Wi-Fi.

Wi-Fi Hacking Course 2022 File Details

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FAQ About Wi-Fi Hacking Course 2022 Course

Q.1. Can Learn Wi-Fi Hacking completely after completing the Course?

Practice makes a Man Perfect. So, If you watch the full course and continue practicing it. You can easily learn whatever you want.

Q.2. Where do I Get a job after completing the course?

Yes, When you completely watch all videos and tutorials, you already have a basic idea about job-related queries, and you can easily crack any interview.

Q.3. Can I Get any Certificate after completing this course?

No, Certificate is Just a Paper. The Real certificate is your Knowledge. So, If you have proper knowledge of any field, you don’t need any certificate. Thanks.

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