SS7 Course 2022 – Signaling System 7 Protocol, SSP, STP, and SCP Zero to Hero

Signaling System 7 (SS7) is an international protocol standard for telecommunications that specifies how network devices in a public switched telephone network (PSTN) exchange information and control signals. In an SS7 network, nodes are known as signaling points. So, you can complete this SS7 Course 2022.

SS7 Course 2022.

It is the system that regulates the routing and billing of telephone calls and allows enhanced calling capabilities including Short Message Service (SMS). It is also known as Signalling System No. 7, Signalling System No. 7, and Common Channel Signaling System 7, or CCSS7, in the United States.

What is the SS7 Course?

Signaling System-7 course (SS7 Course 2022) is the best choice for engineers, network managers, and other professionals everywhere. It gives you a detailed understanding of the signaling network, its architecture, the protocols used to communicate through it, and how it has changed as it has moved on to next-generation networks. Topics like SIGTRAN, IMS, and SIP are also covered.

Why do You learn?

SS7 is a set of rules that lets phone networks share the information they need to pass calls and text messages between them and make sure billing is done correctly. It also lets people who are on one network roam on another network, like when they are traveling in a different country.

About SS7 Course Course

SS7 Course 2022 provides you with an in-depth overview of the signaling network, including its design, the protocols used to communicate via it, and its development into the next generation of networks. There are also a variety of topics discussed, including SIGTRAN, IMS, and SIP. The SS7 protocol, also known as the Common Channel Signaling System No.

SS7 Signaling Points:

  • SSP (Service Switching Point)
  • SCP (Service Control Point)
  • STP (Signal Transfer Point)
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SS7 Course Course Topics

  • (AIN/IN) Signaling’s Development
  • Mobile GSM and ANSI-41 Part (MAP)
  • Switching Evolution
  • (SS7 over IP Transport)
  • Hierarchy Switching
  • The PSTN (PSTN)
  • SPC
  • SS7 Layers
  • SS7/C7 Protocols
  • Message Signaling
  • Signaling and SS7
  • Signaling Evolution
  • SS7 Network Addressing
  • LSS7/Database Connection
  • Protocols S7
  • WAP
  • Simple Call Setup
  • IP-SS7/C7
  • CAMEL (Prepaid Roaming)
  • Converged SS7
  • Smart Networks (IN)
  • Control Signaling Part (SCCP
  • SQL Example
  • SS7 Callflows and Applications
  • Map (Mobile)
  • SS7 or CC#7
  • SS7 Architecture and Protocols
  • INAP (AIN)
  • IN and AIN (AIN)
  • SAN
  • Part 2 (MTP2)
  • Format Message
  • SS7, IN, AIN
  • ISUP (Call Control)
  • SITU
  • TCAP (Transactions)
  • Application Transaction Capabilities (TCAP)
  • How do signaling units work?
  • E911/911, LIDB, OS/DA, LNP
  • MSU Architecture
  • LNP (LNP)
  • What’s the signaling link?
  • SNM
  • Out-of-Band Signaling
  • Signaling
  • Part 3 (MTP3)
  • Bottom
  • User ISDN (ISUP)

Needed Device for Course

  • Laptop
  • Computer

Who this Course is for:

For communications specialists, software engineers, system engineers, networking professionals, marketing and sales specialists, information systems engineers, and other telecommunications/data communications professionals who plan to use or evaluate SS7 and related products, applications, and services, this course is designed to give an overview of SS7.

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FAQ About SS7 Course 2022

Q.1. Can Learn the SS7 Course completely after completing the Course?

Yes, Complete the SS7 Course 2022 full course and you will get advanced knowledge about SS7 Protocol. If you went to learn ss7 advance completely then you complete the total course and take action as soon as possible.

Q.2. Where I Got a job after completing the course?

You can start practicing at your home.

Q.3. Can I Get any Certificate after completing this course?

No, Knowledge is the best certificate.

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