Apk Modding / Apk Reverse Engineering Course 2022 (Hindi-English)

Apk Reverse Engineering is also known as Apk Modding.APK modding means modifying any app file which is an Android executable file. when we got an APK file and extract the APK file to edit it, That’s called APK modding or APK reverse engineering.

Rivers engineer who also a programmer is modifies the APK files for his Self-satisfaction.

Apk modding course hindi

For modding APK files, they use a variety of tools to modify those files. APK easy tool is a well-known software for extracting and changing APK file data, information, and values.

About Apk Modding / Apk Reverse Engineering

Now let’s talk about what is APK modding or apk file reverse engineering. Cyber security experts do this job. The Mod APK file for his purpose also shares any other site and platform and generates lots of money.

APK modding modify APK file like the apk file logo, name, resource file, etc. they also change the APK files premium version To a free version. user use this file life premium Interface.

How To MOD (Modify) Any Apk File :

There are lots of tricks and methods available for Mod any APK file. also, we discuss the APK morning full details in this course. Has how APK Modding works and what kind of tools are used to Mod any APK file.

Best Tool For MOD (Modify) Apk File :

To Mod any apk file there using lots of tools and software to edit the file. Like-

  • APK easy tool
  • Dex2jar
  • Jar to dex converter
  • Android ADB
  • APK  obfuscator
  • HEX converter
  • App cloner
  • Lucky patcher
  • Many more

There are lots of tools available on the internet for APK  Reverse engineering.

Apk Modding Course Topic

  • Introduction About Apk
  • About Apk Structure3.Apk Extraction with 3 Different Tool
  • Apk Easy tool Vs Apk Multi-Tool
  • Smile Language
  • Java For Apk Modding
  • Dex File Deep Knowledge
  • Jar File Deep Knowledge
  • Tools For Apk Modding
  • Remove Ads From Any App
  • Change Ads ID, Android Id 
  • Protection Of an Apk File
  • Class File Practical
  • Hex Value Masterclass
  • Apk Encryption
  • Obfuscation
  • Dex Files Encrypting 
  • Proguard For Compiled
  • Create Own Android Firmware
  • Bypass Licence Keys
  • Permissions
  • Resources File Modification
  • Export Apk Source Code From any Apk File
  • Root Permission Bypass
  • ROM Modification
  • FAQ Masterclass

How To Learn Apk Modding?

Apk Modding or Apk Reverse Engineering is a very Interesting Topic for Programmers as well as students Also. Because They Learn Apk Modding for their reason.

apk moding course

Reverse Engineer Learn Advance Modding and new updated things. On was another side, Student Learn For Their Expertise. Because They do Have not much money to buy any apps and games for use.

That’s why students are also curious about this. Now the question is How to Learn Apk Modding and Apk Reverse Engineering?

To Solve the problem Unethical Hacker Official Youtube Channel & Unethicalhacker Website arrange a Course in Apk Modding and Apps Reverse Engineering.

Requirements For Apk Modding

In Tools Section, We get some tools for apk modding & Reverse Engineering in apps. We Have Some More requirements for Modding-

  • PC & Laptop
  • 2 GB Ram
  • 10 GB HDD Space
  • Tools Setup
  • Java JDK, Java JRE
  • Emulator or Phone ADB or Your Smartphone

These Are The Minimum Requirements for Learn Apk Reverse Engineering in 2022.

FAQ of Apk Modding :

We Already Clear Some Related Question and their answer. But, there are more questions about it. So We answer some more questions regarding apk modding.

Why Mod Any Apk File?

Reverse engineer mod the APK file for Active premium features, remove ads and did many more modifications.

Is Apk Moding illegal?

There Are Lots of Apps Available on the Internet. Some Apps are wanted that, We use their App as Mod Version and some are not.

Now question is, Why does Company go that, we use their app as a Modded version. Here is the Business Strategy Work.

They went it Because when a user uses their app’s Premium features as Free for a long time, They are comfortable with work or using the app. He can’t work any other alternative app.

Here is the Business Start, Now Company Launched a new update which you can’t use without Pay Money. Because Now Developer developed the app with very powerful security and encryption. Modder can’t Mod this.

Now User Have 2 Option, Firstly He Stopped using the app or Pay for It.

So, Modding is not fully illegal and you can use the mod app. There Is some website that provides 100% Secure Mod Apk Apps and games. A Famous site is Apkmodfire.com, where you find more than Thousands of apps for free and it is safe also.

How To Get The Course?

This is the Main Question of the FAQ section. It’s as simple as you get any other course. We Create the course for some Serious People who are serious about that.

So That’s Why We Get a Minimum Charge For it and you get Ultra Super Content as you have never seen. you get full Value For Money Content

Can we Need to know the Programming Language for Apk Reverse Engineering?

There are not Necessary to know the Programming Language, But Apk Sorce Code is Compiled as a Java file. That’s why you can get some basic knowledge in java. Otherwise, You can mod any apk file by Seeing the Course.

What Language is Use in an Apk file?

When We Code Apps or a Game in Android Studio, here use Java Language. after compiling, it generates an Apk file.

But, When We Decompile the Apk for Reverse the apk, we got some Resource files, Manifest files, and Class Fils.

Difference Between MOD Apk and Simple Apk?

There are lots of Apk files available on the Internet. Some Apk is the same as Play store apps have seen ads have in-app purchases and many more irritating features. They are Simple Apk.

But on The side, Some Apk Has All Premium features activated after installation. That’s called Mod(Modified) Apk.

After Complete The Course Can we Mod Any APK file?

Yes, You Can. Because it’s 110% Guarantee After watching the Course you get a deep knowledge about Apk Modifying.

You Also Start a Mod Apk Downloading Website after Lean Modding and get a passive income source.

5 ResouneTo MOD any Apk File?

  • Use Premium Features
  • Use for own self-satisfaction
  • Use the Same app More than One time
  • Extra Option Available
  • Run app as Full Feature Mode

Apk Modding Course Details

  • Course Topic: Apk Modding & Apk Reverse Engineering
  • Course Duration: 12 Hours
  • Course Language: Hindi
  • Course Size : 3 GB

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